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Posted By uzma

If you are responsible for allocating, reviewing and monitoring limits for interbank counterparties and other financial institutions (the FI function).

You need:

  1. An objective mechanism for allocating limits to customers and product basis
  2. Regulatory compliance with the Prudential Regulations regime for counterparty, group and product exposures
  3. Ability to review factors and drivers impacting limits every time they change as well as acceptable benchmarks for the same

It would be nice if:

  1. The limits could be generated on a regular basis with minimal effort and resource consumption
  2. The limits were self adjusting to comply with Prudential Regulations
  3. Market based feedback impacting the limits could be immediately accommodated

Today this process involves :

  1. Manual collection and storage of data
  2. EXCEL based ratio calculation for calculating CAMEL, ARROW and other approaches
  3. In most cases a limited annual review

With Alchemy LimitOne you can:

  1. Avoid the damage and the cost of out of date, subjective limits
  2. Create a market responsive limit allocation process around a powerful tool that tracks, benchmarks and optimizes the limit allocation process by products and counterparties