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Risk Consulting

Risk Consulting

Risk Consulting

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We offer consulting services that cover a wide array of requests for models, calculations and advice.

Insurance and Enterprise Risk Management

Advisory solutions using:

  • Dynamic Financial Analysis
  • Value at Risk, Capital at Risk, Maximum Possible Loss analysis
  • Risk Based Capital, Surplus and Reserve Adequacy analysis
  • Risk Management, Pricing, Distribution and Placement
  • Creation, Establishment and Support of Corporate Risk Management Groups
  • Life and General Insurance Business Plans
  • Rate making and Model Office Projections
  • Actuarial advisory on Reinsurance, Underwriting, Operations and Back Office

The tools we use to answer these questions include:

  • Dynamic Financial Analysis (DFA). It provides an integrated platform for senior management to analyze, “in an uncertain and changing world”, the impact of business, competitive and economic forces on financial statements, solvency requirements and the probability of survival.
  • Value at Risk (VaR), Capital at Risk (CaR) and Maximum Possible Loss (MPL). Related applications that use similar expertise. While DFA provides for broader strategic analysis and is a mechanism for raising and answering questions, VaR, CaR and MPL speak with “confidence” about absolute values of loss likely to be experienced by an organization.
  • Surplus and Reserve Adequacy Analysis uses risk based capital insights to evaluate the booked risk profile as well as the sufficiency of surplus and reserves put aside to address that risk.