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Posted By uzma

Have you ever wondered about what it’s like to fail as a founder? Could failure be the best thing that ever happened to you? If you crashed and burned, would you do it again? If you could write a book about your startup experiences how would that turn out?

Jawwad Ahmed Farid asked these questions over a ten year adventure with startup failure starting in New York and finishing in Karachi with transit stops in Southern California, Northern Virginia, Dubai, Thailand & Singapore.

Reboot is his story.

The third edition of Reboot is actually three books in one

1. Book One – The Avicena Story – Jawwad’s first encounter with online education, bootstrapped in New York, incubated in Orange County, dead on arrival in Leesburg, Virginia.

2. Book Two An honest commentary on what went wrong and what you could learn from one failed experiment.

3. Book Three – Pitching for Startups – a brand new chapter with interactive videos on how to pitch like a pro.

The three books grew out of Jawwad’s work as a mentor and judge for the P@SHA Social Innovation Fund, the Asia Pacific ICT Awards and as an Entrepreneurship & Risk Management Professor at the SP Jain School of Management in Dubai & Singapore.

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Written by uzma