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Business School Applications: The Four core components of your b school application

Here is another installment of my notes on your business school application. Here is a brief summary of to topics I cover in the sub posts that follow.

The B School timelines post covers the personal profile and attributes that help you get through the application process. Success or failure of your application is dependent on not what you do in the year of your b school application but in the years before. If you are fortunate enough to have the profile b school admission committees are looking for, the next step is to show them through your essays that you are the right candidate. While part of this is having a great story to tell, a much larger part is actually telling it. This is where Stephen King jumps in to help as a white Knight with his tips for writing a great b-school application essay.

Post the essays comes the question of your b school application recommendations and the minor irritant of breaking the 700 plus barrier in your GMAT. The unfortunate bit of news is that there is no short cut to breaking the 700 GMAT barriers other than brutal consistent practice. There is no other secret. On the recommendation front, shun the celebrities for the girl next door, for a few heartfelt well written words can make all the difference when it comes to differentiating yourself and standing out from the other 7000 business school applicants.

B-school: Applying to B-schools – timelines for a B-school application

B School – B School Application Essays – Tips for a great B School application essay

B School Applications-Who should write your B School recommendations?


B School Application- Cracking the GMAT 700 score


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