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Singapore-Nature-Treks: Return to Bukit Timah

After 5 days of the Alexandra Arch to Faber point trek every morning, on the sixth day we set off for Bukit Timah. It had been 18 long months since I had last experienced the best free entertainment in Singapore. It was time to return to the trail to see if I could still surive the “heart attack ridge”.

Unlike last time, this time I had company which meant that we could tackle some of the more dicey and wacky trails that had scared me off last time. After making to the summit just around sun-rise we decided to opt for the Seraya Loop and then hop on to the Dairy Farm loop at the Bukit Timah nature reserve. It took us 20 minutes to reach the summit at 7 am in the monring. We barely managed to make it to the road after 2.5 hours on the nature trails and loops but it was worth every ounce of sweat. For the first time I experienced the truly liberating full t-shirt work out.

The calm sunrise at the summit completley belied the intense trek that lay ahead of us

How is that for a trail?

You call that a staircase or my knees, my knees, my poor knees…

More reinforcement?

Where the hell is the winding road I am supposed to be on.

At the end of a full tshirt work out your entire Tee (front and back) is drenched in sweat. A half t-shirt work out will only get your tshirt drenched to your waist, leaving a neat, clean, dry border. The dark grey Tee is actually light grey when dry. The Alexandra Arch-Faber Point trek is a half t-shirt workout. Bukit Timah is a full Teeshirt heart attack waiting to happen workout. Please consult your physician before you hail that taxi to the reserve.

Baby Steps?

2 Responses to “Singapore-Nature-Treks: Return to Bukit Timah”

  • Simarjit says:

    lol….was surely a liberating experience.. went there this Sunday too and by god this time around it was even more tougher…guess the norm of the learning curve does not apply to Buket Timah. Surely do a double check of your health insurance coverage as there may be a hidden clause that accidents/heart attacks/broken knees/bent backs etc etc as a result of a attempt to conquer the trail challenge called Bukit Timah are not covered.

    • Jawwad says:

      Did you go all the way down the dairy farm trek or chickened out this time too? We need to turn this into a regular reunion event. The pilgrimage to Bukit Timah

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