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Mothers, wives and sisters

Ammi’s is in Liaqat on account of emergency knee surgery and Fawzia is staying over with her tonight. It’s only when mothers, wives and sisters are away that we realize how strongly they hold a house together and how helpless us lesser mortals are without them.

6 Responses to “Mothers, wives and sisters”

  • Ejaz says:

    Hope it goes well, best wishes.

  • iFaqeer says:

    Huwa Ash Shafi; Huwa Al Kafi

  • All our prayers with her. Hope everything goes well.

  • Agnes says:

    Hope that your ammi has a quick and full recovery.

  • Mohsin says:


    Hope Aunty is doing fine. I will call you soon InshaAllah.


  • zera says:

    now she is at home Mashallah .. May ALLAH give her a full healthy wealthy life Ameen..
    and about sisters and wife ( i mean women).. :) yes they can do things better coz Creator told it..

    “Men are (meant to be righteous and kind) guardians of women because God has favored some more than others and because they (i.e. men) spend out of their wealth. (In their turn) righteous women are (meant to be) devoted and to guard what God has (willed to be) guarded even though out of sight (of the husband). As for those (women) on whose part you fear ill-will and nasty conduct, admonish them (first), (next) separate them in beds (and last) beat them. But if they obey you, then seek nothing against them. Behold, God is most high and great. (4:34)

    but we put both burdens on them ..household and job.. :(

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